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On the second floor corner of Baywalk Mall, while watching the world go by, guests are treated to a high quality Italian and French Cuisine with a Caribbean Flair. The restaurant’s seriously extensive wine list is a hit with fans of the glorious grape. Mr. Bruno Galon Owner/ manager and our very own wine specialist, who has brought fine wines to the Caribbean for the past 29 years – 15 of them in St. Lucia. His passion and knowledge of wine is the perfect complement to our menu. Blue Olive promised to bring something new to the table when we first launched and two years later we have kept that promise literally.

On the menu guests will be delighted by our Baked Goat Cheese, Greek salads, Beef or Tuna Carpacci, Veal Osso Buco, Chicken Alfredo and Creole fish and seafood Bouillabaisse, fresh fish and seafood sensation with their signature sauces and St. Lucian crab backs, alongside the newest comfort food sensation in Rodney Bay – Homemade pastas. If you think you’re a pasta lover because you like mac and cheese, think again, and head straight for Blue Olive. There is nothing like perfectly-cooked home made fresh pasta draped in a favorable sauce to bring a smile to the face and a fullness to the belly. Here at Blue Olive there is an array of pastas and sauces to choose from.

St.Lucia Classroom 7

The team hand- makes standards such as spaghetti and tagliatelle as well as the lesser known cavetelli which look like tiny seashells, the small twisted “braids” called trecce. We also have Gnocchi (small potatoe dumpling) an Italian specialty. Stuffed pastas like Torellini and cannelloni are also created in house, and a local twist in the form of the St. Lucia Ravioli, is stuffed with crabmeat and served with a creole broth. Choose from traditional sauces like Bolognese, carbonara and pesto if you must but Blue Olive’s Italian comfort food goes way beyond the normal so be as adventurous as you dare. For those palettes that like a kick of heat, the very local Garlic and Hot Pepper is simply delicious on its own or topped with shrimp.

For the hordes of workers and business folks who are looking for an excellent and very affordable lunch in the Rodney Bay area, Blue Olive has you covered with a pretty irresistible two Course special of the day.

The restaurant’s interior is air conditioned against the midday heat, but its decks catches the sea breezes from the Rodney Bay Lagoon, so even the most dressed execs can be comfortable in their suits!

For all our guest with a sweet tooth we have homemade ice creams and sorbets to bring satisfaction, we have a wide range of desserts from homemade cheesecake, passion pie, Classic Tiramisu, and a traditional Crepe Suzette to list a few. Exploring our desserts will not be regretted.

With Chef Thomas a force in the Kitchen, wine expert Bruno Galon the brain behind the bar, and a friendly, efficient staff, Blue Olive Restaurant and Wine Bar brings you the combination of venerable classics and innovative new menu items we will only satisfy every guest who walks in. An unforgettable experience is what we have to give.
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Meet The Chef

Chef Thomas

Meet our chef, Thomas Fontelio. It must be destiny that we have a chef where his last name sounds Italian. Thomas was born and raised in Dennery, St. Lucia. As a young boy watching his mom move around the kitchen he learnt a lot from her and a desire and passion for cooking was cultivated/born. The first recipe and dish he mastered was the baked Macaroni and Cheese Pie, he says that with a boyish smile, meant a lot to him. His mom saw the talent he possessed and his obsession with preparing food and decided to seek out a job for him in Chef Harry’s kitchen in 1987. He learnt a lot from Chef Harry in the two years he worked under his guidance as a prep cook. He moved on to Carib Blue where he was the youngest cook where his teacher was a German Chef. Within a year the hotel changed hands and was called Le Sport Hotel, he continued his employ there and learnt under a chef from New Jersey the art of Cousin Leisure.

Chef Xavier became the Head Chef at Lesport and for 5 years taught and trained Chef Thomas everything he could have before moving on to being the Chef at The Great House, where he brought Thomas in as his cook for two years. Chef Xavier then had his own restaurant, the coal pot again he recruited Thomas from Sandals Regency’s Kitchen where he worked as a Chef De Partier 1st Degree to be his su chef for 3 years before being promoted to head Chef for 9 years.

Pink Plantation House was then became a factor and one of the places fortunate to have Chef Thomas as their head Chef, though great it was also short-lived because We had to have him when we were opened. Highly recommended by Chef Xavier since he was partnered up with Mr. Galon, our wine specialist. Chef Xavier started off Thomas as his su chef but within a year Chef Xavier was confident that Thomas was more than ready to take on the role as Head Chef. Till date Chef Thomas has done just that prove his mentor right by delivering the best flavors and best dishes to our tables delighting and satisfying our guest in every way.

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Lunch Menu

Large Salads

Baked Goat Cheese with Honey and Rosemary accompanied by a Crisp Green Salad Sprinkled with Walnuts, Dried Cranberries, Apples and Basil Oil EC$ 53.00

Tomato and Mozzarella Sprinkle with Olive Oil, Basil and a touch of Balsamic EC$ 34.00

Salade Nicoise Medley of Mediterranean Vegetables with Fresh Tuna, Steamed Potatoes, Anchovies and Black Olives Sprinkled with Fresh Herb Vinaigrette EC$ 61.00

Greek Style with Crumbled Feta Cheese, Kalamata Olives and Tzatziki EC$ 44.00

Caesar with Romaine Lettuce, Garlic Croutons and Parmesan Cheese EC$ 34.00

 Treat Yourself with a Salad Topping

Grilled Fish – EC$ 28.00 Grilled Shrimps – EC$ 34.00 Chicken Breast – EC$ 23.00

6 St.Lucia Classroom

Main Courses

Fish and Chips English Style – done in Beer Batter, served with Pickle, Malt Vinegar and Tartar Sauce EC$ 46.00

Grilled Shrimps accompanied with Creole Sauce or Garlic Butter Sauce served with Salad, Rice, Fresh Vegetables, Provision and Peas of the Day EC$ 98.00

Veal Osso Buco (Veal shanks braised in a white wine and tomato sauce) served with Polenta and Fresh Vegetables EC$98.00

Honey and Cinnamon BBQ Back Ribs accompanied with French Fries and House Salad EC$ 89.00

Black Angus Rib Eye served with Fries and Green Salad accompanied by Black Peppercorn Sauce or Mushroom Sauce or Dijon Mustard EC$ 108.00

Black Angus Cheese Burger or Chicken Burger or Fish Burger Served with Bacon, Mushrooms, French Fries and House Salad EC$ 43.00
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6 St.Lucia Classroom

Lunch Specials

Two Courses: EC$ 59.00


Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Soup or Traditional French Fish Soup

Tossed Spring Salad with Roasted Almond, Sautéed Shiitake Mushrooms and House Vinaigrette

Main Courses

Fish of the Day Selection accompanied with Rice, Fresh Vegetables, Provision and Peas of the Day, and Your choice of Garlic Butter, Creole or Ginger Teriyaki Sauce

Chicken Breast served with House Salad, Potato and Fresh Vegetables and Your choice of Garlic Butter, Creole Sauce or Mushroom Sauce

Our Home Made Fresh Pastas Selection (Spaghetti, Tagliatelle, Macaroni, Cavatelli or Trecce) With Your Choice of Bolognese, Carbonara, Pesto, Milanese,Fresh Mushroom or Garlic and Hot Pepper Sauce


Assortment of Home Made Ice Creams and Sorbets

Passion Fruit Pie served with Raspberry Coulis and Ice Cream
St.Lucia Classroom 7

Dinner Menu


Traditional French Style Fish Soup served with Garlic Croutons, Rouille and Grated Cheese EC$ 34.00

Traditional French Onion Soup Gratinee EC$ 34.00

Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Soup V EC$28.00

Caesar Salad with Romaine Lettuce, Garlic Croutons and Parmesan Cheese V EC$34.00

Tossed Spring Salad with Roasted Almond, Sauteed Shiitake Mushrooms and House Vinaigrette V EC$25.00

Honey and Rosemary Roasted Goat Cheese Salad on a Bed of Green Leaves Sprinkled with Walnuts, Dried Cranberries, Apples and Homemade Vinaigrette V EC$44.00

Fried Calamari served with Sweet Chili Peppers Salsa EC$38.00

Tomato and Mozzarella Sprinkle with Olive Oil, Basil and a touch of Balsamic V EC$34.00

6 St.Lucia Classroom

Cream Cheese and Dill Smoked Salmon Duo Accompanied by Red Onions Rings, Capers, Boston Lettuce and Lime Yoghurt Dressing EC$ 48.00

Bruschetta: Egg Plant Caviar, Anchovies, Olive Oil and Fresh Herbs V EC$34.00

Beef Carpaccio: Very Thin Slices of Raw Beef Tenderloin served with Lime, Organic Greens and Parmesan Shavings

Small EC$39.00 Large EC$59.00

Tuna Carpaccio: Very Thin Slices of Raw Yellow Fin Tuna served with lime, Olive Oil and Organic Greens

Small EC$29.00 Large EC$44.00

St-Lucia Stuffed Crab Back Presented with Greens, topped with Local Seasoning Pepper and Garlic Butter EC$29.00

Creamy Coquille St-Jacques a la Francaise Gratinee Sea Scallops with Baby Shrimps and Fresh Mushrooms EC$39.00
St.Lucia Classroom 7

To Continue

Fish & Shellfish

Creole Fish and Seafood Bouillabaisse with Garlic Croutons, Rouille and Grated Cheese EC$98.00

Dorado EC$ 75.00

Red Snapper EC$ 89.00

Yellow fin Tuna EC$ 75.00

Jumbo Shrimp EC$ 98.00

Lobster (Seasonal) EC$ 148.00

All Fish and Seafood are served with Fresh Vegetables, Pilaf Rice, Ripe Plantain

and Your Choice of Chef Xavier’s Sauces Selection:

Creole de Ste-Lucie or Garlic Beurre Blanc or Exotic Curry or Fusion Ginger Teriyaki or Basil Pesto

6 St.Lucia Classroom

Honey and Cinnamon BBQ Back Ribs accompanied with Fresh Vegetables and Rösti Potato EC$ 89.00

Veal Scalopini Milanese served on a Bed of Fresh Tagliatelle and Fresh Vegetables EC$89.00

Veal Osso Buco (Veal Shanks braised in a white wine and tomato sauce) served with Polenta and Fresh Vegetables EC$98.00

Chicken Alfredo: Spicy Strips of Chicken in a Delicious Creamy and Parmesan Sauce served on a Bed of Fresh Tagliatelle EC$69.00

Surf and Turf (Shrimps or Seasonal Lobster) EC$ 146.00

Filet Mignon (our most tender steak) EC$ 118.00

Rib Eye Steak (Black Angus) EC$ 108.00

Supreme of Chicken Breast EC$ 74.00

All Green Earth Selections are served with Fresh Vegetables, Chef’s Special Rösti Potato, Ripe Plantain

and Your Choice of Sauce:

Black Peppercorn and Cognac or Creamy Wild Mushroom or Shallots and Merlot Wine Sauce
St.Lucia Classroom 7

Authentic Home Made Fresh Pastas

Pasta Menu

Spaghetti – Tagliatelle – Macaroni – Cavatelli – Trecce – Gnocchi

Bolognese Rich, Red, Beef and Tomato EC$ 48.00

Carbonara Creamy Bacon and Parmesan EC$ 48.00

Pesto Basil, Olive Oil, Parmesan, Garlic and Pine Nuts EC$ 48.00

Milanese Tomato, Olive Oil, Basil, Garlic, Thyme and Oregano EC$ 48.00

Fresh Mushroom Garlic, Onion, button Mushroom tossed in Cream Sauce EC$48.00

Creamy Fish and Seafood Mussels, Shrimps, Scallops, Calamari and Dorado in White Wine Sauce EC$ 75.00

Garlic and Hot Pepper Medium Spicy Simply the Best EC$ 48.00

Marinara Tomato, Onion and Fresh Herbs V EC$48.00

6 St.Lucia Classroom

Additional Topping for You Favorite Pasta Dish

Grilled Fish – EC$ 28.00 Grilled Shrimps - EC$ 34.00 Chicken Breast – EC$ 23.00

Traditional Beef Lasagna Pure Beef and Tomato filling Glazed with Cheddar and Parmesan EC$ 58.00

Smoked Salmon and Dill Tagliatelle Tossed in Cream Sauce EC$ 53.00

Cajun Jambalaya Trecce Tossed Shrimps, Chicken, Spicy Sausage and Bell Pepper EC$ 73.00

Spinach and Ricotta Tortellini served with Parmesan Sauce EC$ 58.00

Goat cheese and Sundried Tomato Ravioli served with Greens EC$ 58.00

St-Lucia Ravioli Stuffed with Crab Meat Served in Creole Broth EC$ 53.00

Seafood Cannelloni Filled with Fish and Seafood Glazed with Dill Sauce EC$ 75.00
St.Lucia Classroom 7
6 St.Lucia Classroom

Dessert Menu

Classic Tiramisu EC$ 26.00

Banana Flambee EC$ 18.00

Traditional Crepe Suzette EC$ 26.00

Extreme Chocolate Fondant with Chili Chocolate Sauce and Rock Salt EC$ 26.00

Dark Chocolate mousse flavored with Orange and Coconut Rum EC$ 26.00

Passion Fruit Pie served with Raspberry Coulis and Ice Cream EC$ 26.00

Traditional Crème Brulée served with Glazed Banana marinated in Old Rum EC$ 26.00

Home Made New York Cheese Cake with your choice Of Tropical or Old Fashion Topping EC$ 26.00

Fresh Tropical Salad EC$ 18.00

Assortment of Home Made Ice Creams and Sorbets (per scoop) EC$ 6.00

Coffee, Espresso, Assortment of Teas EC$ 10.00

Cappuccino, Double Espresso EC$ 12.00
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2 St.Lucia Classroom
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Wine List


Prosecco Italy $95 Glass $21
Moet et Chandon Imperial France Champagne $240
Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label France Champagne $240
Veuve Clicquot Rose France Champagne $295
Bollinger Speciale Cuvee Brut France Champagne $295
Laurent Perrier Brut France Champagne $295


Chateau Minuty Moments France Var $75 Glass $17
Beringer White Zinfandel California California $75 Glass $17
Tavel Chateau d’Aqueria France Rhone $110
Cotes de Provence Les Terrasses France Provence $155

6 St.Lucia Classroom


Today’s Special Selection $70 Glass $15
Trivento Dulce Natural Sweet Argentina $75 Glass $17
Dona Paula Los Cardos Chardonnay Argentina Lujan de Cuyo $75
Norton Sauvignon Blanc Argentina Mendoza $75
Gran Picco Frascati Italy Lazio $75
Hardys Stamp of Australia Chardonnay Australia South Eastern $95
Santa Rita Reserva Chardonnay Chile Casablanca $95
Trio Sauvignon Blanc Chile Casablanca/Rapel/Limari $95 Glass $21
Chateau Ste Michelle Chardonnay Washington Columbia Valley $95
Riesling Trimbach France Alsace $110
Chardonnay Louis Latour France Ardeche $110 Glass $24
Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio Italy Trentino Alto-Adige $110 Glass $24
Tindall Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand Marlborough $110
Fort Simon Chardonnay South Africa Stellenbosch $110
Meridian Chardonnay California $110
Gewurztraminer Chateau de Riquewihr France Alsace $135
Chateau Lafont Menaut France Bordeaux, Pessac-Leognan $135
Petit Chablis Domaine Laroche France Burgundy $135
Sancerre Le Haut Mesnil France Loire $135 Glass $30
Pouilly Fume Michel Redde France Loire $135
Francis Ford Coppola Chardonnay California Napa Valley $135
Simi Sauvignon Blanc California Sonoma $135
Pouilly Fuisse, Louis Jadot France Burgundy $155
Meursault Domaine Bouchard France Burgundy $245
Condrieu Les Ravines France Rhone $245
St.Lucia Classroom 7


Today’s Special Selection $70 Glass $15
Trivento Sweet Malbec Argentina $75 Glass $17
Trivento Reserva Malbec Argentina $75
Chateau Les Vieilles Pierres France Bordeaux $75 Glass $17
Domaine de Serame Syrah Reserve France Pays d’Oc $75
La Baume Cabernet Sauvignon France Pays d’Oc $75 Glass $17
La Baume Merlot France Pays d’Oc $75 Glass $17
Hardys Stamp of Australia Shiraz Australia South Eastern $95
Nativa Carmenere Chile Curico $95
Santa Rita Reserva Cabernet sauvignon Chile Maipo $95
Santa Rita Reserva Merlot Chile Maipo $95
Bourgueil Domaine Peu Muleau France Loire $95
Cotes du Rhone, Parallel 45, Jaboule-Aine France Rhone $95
Pinot Noir BP Rothschild France Pays d’Oc $110 Glass $24
Castello d’Albola Chianti Classico Italy Toscana $110
Clos Henry Petit Pinot Noir New Zealand Marlborough $110
Fort Simon Pinotage South Africa Stellenbosch $110
Fort Simon Shiraz South Africa Stellenbosch $110
I Tre Vescovi Barbera d’Asti Italy Asti $135
Marques de Riscal Reserva Spain Rioja $135
Francis Ford Coppola Cabernet Sauvignon California $135
Duck Pond Pinot Noir Oregon Willamette Valley $135
Don Melchor Chile Maipo $155
Chateau Monlot Grand Cru France Bordeaux, Saint Emilion $155
6 St.Lucia Classroom

Tre Monti Petrignone Sangiovese Italy Romogna $155
Charles Cimicky Grenache Shiraz Australia Barossa $175
Yangarra Shiraz Australia Mc Laren Vale $175
Fransiscan Cabernet Sauvignon California Napa Valley $175
La Crema Pinot Noir California Sonoma $175
Chateau Cantemerle France Bordeaux, Haut Medoc $195
Chateau Pedesclaux France Bordeaux, Pauillac $195
Savigny les Beaune, Domaine Bouchard France Burgundy $195
Chateauneuf du Pape, Domaine La Baroche France Rhone $195
Rustenberg John Meriman South Africa Stellenbosch $195
Matanzas Creek Merlot California Bennet Valley $195
Beaune 1er Cru, Domaine Pascal Faivre France Burgundy $265
Cantina del Pino Barbaresco Italy Piemonte $265
Stemmler Estates Grown Pinot Noir California Carneros $265
Chateau Lascombes France Bordeaux, Margaux $345
Chateau Clerc Milon France Bordeaux, Pauillac $345
Vosne Rosmanee, Domaine Clavelier France Burgundy $345
Ettore Germano Barolo Italy Piemonte $345
Gaja Ca’ Marcanda, Magari Bolgheri Italy Toscana $345
Chesler Red Wine California Napa valley $345
Chimney Rock Cabernet Sauvignon California Napa Valley $345
Chimney Rock Elevage California Napa Valley $345
Chateau Lynch Bages France Bordeaux, Pauillac $445
Chateau Ducru Beaucaillou France Bordeaux, Saint Julien $765
St.Lucia Classroom 7
4 St.Lucia Classroom
St.Lucia Classroom 5
Made in St.Lucia

Chairman's Reserve
Rich dark golden amber colour. The pot still richness comes through on the nose with sweet honeyed fruit and spicy vanilla from the oak. The palate is balanced, with a mellow but complex mix of ripe raisin fruit, tobacco and spice. The rum has a long enjoyable finish. In St. Lucia, Chairman’s Reserve is enjoyed with coconut water but can be drunk neat or with a chaser of your choice.

Golden Amber appearance with red tinges at the rim. Intense pot still aromas with sweet molasses and raisin fruit on the nose. Mellow with honeyed fruit, spice and a long finish.

TOZ White Gold
Fresh, clean zesty citrus palate with a soft creamy texture. Quite neutral but with a balanced rum character giving complexity. Perfect for Mojitos and Daiquiris.

Admiral Rodney
Bright amber, mahogany colour. Incredibly attractive nose packed with complexity. Rich honeyed fruit with prunes, sweet raisins and well integrated oak toast. On the palate concentrated, complex with velvety caramel crème brulee and hints of vanilla, spice and chocolate from long ageing. Well balanced and harmonious with an exceptionally long finish.

This elegant cappuccino cream is a special blend of roasted coffee, cream and milk with subtle overtones of dark chocolate and caramel toffee. It is silky smooth and beautifully balanced with a long enjoyable finish. Javalatté is best enjoyed straight, over ice or as an ingredient in cocktails or over ice cream.
4 St.Lucia Classroom
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